Rough start to race season

So, this year hasn’t exactly gone as I planned. It really started to go wrong last December. I crashed on a night mountain bike ride down the Luge and cracked 3 ribs. That had me off the bike for a... Read more

Zwift, the only good thing about winter

Winter is coming The number of daylight hours are getting shorter here in the northern hemisphere. The clocks will roll back in certain states. Many of us that work during the day find ourselves with little or no daylight to... Read more

My thoughts on ebikes

Last night on the Podcast we discussed ebikes and exchange between Chris Reynolds and Mike from When are ebikes ok? My basic thoughts on ebikes are that they are great as utility/commuting/city bikes. These bikes allow you to get... Read more

ISM Saddle Review

After the ISM nose-less saddle was installed on my bike, several people asked me whether I was a Tri-athlete. The distinctive style of ISM saddles seems to often be associated with Time Trial and Triathlons. However, I don’t run much... Read more

BWR, some photos from the wafer.

The Belgium Waffle Ride (just the wafer) was incredibly fun. I feel like could have done the full waffle but it would not have been way more suffering than fun. I didn’t train or prepare enough to do the whole... Read more

Converting my road bike to gravel

Ever since I got my new road bike I have wanted to convert my old OCR into an adventure/gravel bike. The idea of an ‘any road’ bike has always had a certain appeal to me. I would love to have a... Read more